Congratulations Zel + Adam


Congratulations Zel + Adam!

With fully half of our studio engaged in studying for and taking the grueling exams for the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam), there is a lot of dialogue about studying techniques and the specific misery of the particular exams.  This process is set up to be tough.  I’m proud of the rigor and dedication that our staff involved in this process has exhibited.  Right now we’re celebrating a little, as Zel and Adam both passed their final exams in the last few weeks.  Zel is now a registered architect in Maine.  Adam has passed all the same exams, but has one more hurdle that California adds to the marathon:  the California Supplemental Exam.  But he is over the hump, and intends to finish that one off after a few weeks getting ready for and celebrating his wedding in Italy this summer.  This grueling process means that Zel and Adam will now bring a new level of professionalism and expertise to the studio.  We’re all super proud of you both.

Bruce Norelius