Project Wrap Up


Over this past year, we had the pleasurable task to restore and improve a small jewl-2-story lakeside cottage built in the late 1800’s. For over a century this summer cottage was enjoyed three seasons out of the year, and the new owner intended to maintain this pattern of use.

The interior was previously dark and segmented, but the new program for the cottage allowed us to open and expose the whole interior shell. A delicate steel frame, surgically inserted within the original wood framing, enabled the creation of one simple, generous room for lounging, dining and sleeping. This design strategy set the stage for a heightening of the contrast between old and new. Since the cottage was originally built as an uninsulated retreat, it not only allowed for us to keep all of the upper existing wood framing exposed on the interior walls and ceiling, but also enabled us to showcase it in its original state. Below we clad studs with a clean white canvas, bringing light to the space while creating storage & accommodating new wiring and plumbing. This definitive line between old and new highlights the original charm of the cottage when it was first built. Furniture was not designed for a specific location, but was put on casters to accommodate a variety of arrangements for hosting different gatherings. We were fortunate to once again collaborate with the talented and versatile team at Cold Mountain Builders, who consistently bring a precise and luscious layer of craft to their work.

As the winter months rush in, the leaves are changing color, the dock is out of the water and the lake will soon freeze. The cottage will rest quietly, awaiting thaw, bud, bloom and sun.  Below is a compilation of original, progress, and finalized photos. Please feel free to browse our work section to see the all of the completion photographs.

Jenn Shore