Sitting In The Fog

On a sunny July afternoon in Maine, we took a drive up the coast to check in on a previously built project in Corea Harbor. As we approached the coast from inland, the sun started to become masked by a thin white veil.

The wind started to pick up and the white fog kept rolling in from off shore. By the time we made it to the fishing town of Corea, the entire harbor was blanketed in a thick fog…so thick that only faint silhouettes of the boats floating in the harbor could be seen. This fog is one of the natural elements that have ‘aged’ the residence we were visiting. The exterior is cladded in natural cedar, which has gradually changed from an orange/yellow hue to a silvery grey/brown. Mother nature is helping blend this house quite harmoniously into the landscape. Time and climate are facilitating the slow yet beautiful maturing of our building materials. We are looking forward to seeing what mother nature will do with another 10 years.

Feel free to take a look at the ‘corea harbor house’ in our “works” section to see what the house looked like just after the residents moved in.

Jenn Shore