Fall Lunches

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After a restorative summer of travel to Spain, and time spent in the Maine studio getting several projects off the ground there, we are in a “back to school” mode at the LA studio on Rochedale Lane, excited about work we will be doing this fall. Devin has taken the first of two one-week seminars that will lead us to getting Passive House certification (a standard of sustainable design first developed in Germany), and Bruce will be attending design conferences at Haystack School in Maine and in Monterey California. Oh, and we have lots of work to get done, too.

We’ve decided to create a new forum for discussion of all things DESIGN this fall by hosting a series of lunches right here on the long table in the garden at Rochedale Lane. We’re not academics, but we don’t have our heads buried in architectural sand, either, and we love talking about design—from architecture to art to writing and everything in between. This is not intended to be too structured, and sometimes the conversation may stray to favorite restaurants or must-read books, but we do see these lunches as opportunities to bring together design-minded people. If we have our act together, we may announce conceptual generators for discussion beforehand.

We’re inviting anyone who wants to drop by for lunch on alternate Thursdays. E-postcards will go out to some of our friends in the Los Angeles community, but all are welcome. Simply email us by Tuesday (devin@noreliusstudio.com or bruce@noreliusstudio.com), and we’ll make sure there is enough of whatever super-simple lunch we have for everyone. Because we recognize that everyone is busy, we invite you to arrive at 12:30, and leave promptly by 2.

Hope to see you.

Jenn Shore